Our Work

What we cannot do alone, we can do together to advance God’s Kingdom. We encourage members of the Body of Christ to lay down their giftings, blessings, and dreams at the feet of our Savior Christ Jesus, and ask that He would guide them into a living relationship with other members of the churches scattered among the nations.

In this way, whenever one member of the global Body of Christ prospers, all the other members are equally blessed.

We provide support for native missions in the following ways.


We provide financial support to native missionaries working on the frontlines of world evangelization, who are typically proclaiming the gospel in their own countries to their own people and to other unreached people groups within their areas of influence.


We provide Bibles to churches in closed countries where the Holy Spirit is drawing open hearts to Jesus Christ.

Leadership training

We provide training to equip God’s servants with tools to better reach those who have yet to hear about Jesus. We compile materials already prepared by native missionaries with a track record of ministry fruitfulness and help distribute them among under-resourced mission groups. We also provide training to help the current and next generation of servants (both Western and non-Western) minister in Muslim communities.