The current leadership of 2414 World has nearly 100 years of combined experience in serving native or indigenous missions across the globe. This vast experience has profoundly shaped the vision and priorities of the leadership team, which is firmly committed to developing the next generation of dynamic leaders to carry on the torch.At the heart of 2414 World is team leadership and team building. Carl Gordon, one of the co-founders of Advancing Native Missions, is one of the primary visionaries. Alongside him serve a group of younger men and women from various walks of life who have all embraced the vision of seeing the gospel proclaimed in places that still lack a viable witness for Christ Jesus.

Our staff team is composed of followers of Christ from the U.S., Lebanon, China, Ukraine, India, Liberia, Lebanon, and other nations. Collectively the entire team works together to determine the direction of the mission and the stewardship of entrusted funds.